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speak to your customers in their Language

Milestone Global helps companies across industries localize their content and products to effectively communicate with customers around the world

What we do

At Milestone, we help companies transform their content so that it resonates on a local level. We provide end-to-end translation and localization services so businesses can deliver an excellent customer experience in every market.

Translation & Transcreation

We combine the latest machine translation technology with human intelligence to adapt content into different languages

Website and App Localization

We translate and localize your software, apps and websites so users from every country feel like it was made just for them 

Subtitling and Transcription

Our team of linguists can convert your audio/visual data into accurate text transcripts in 180+ languages 

Multilingual SEO & International Marketing

We help international customers find your website/app through multilingual keyword research. Our industry experts help you adapt your marketing content so that is resonates with global audiences.

Phone and Video Interpretation

We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for conferences, trade shows and meetings. Interpreters are also available via video conferencing and phone

Proofreading & Desktop Publishing

We have subject matter experts in almost every language to proofread your content. Our DTP team will ensure that there are no formatting or stylistic inconsistencies in your translated documents or apps

Why we are different

Milestone Global has more than 25 years of experience conducting business across continents. We understand the implications cultural norms and language nuances have on business communications.

Our team is passionate about helping you navigate new markets and what we do goes far beyond translation. Passion and innovation drive every process at our company so we can deliver tremendous value for our clients.


All content is translated and checked by at least two native translators. We use subject matter experts to ensure that translations are contextually and culturally relevant.


Our network of translators work acorss all major timezones to meet client deadlines. We also offer rush translations for urgent projects.



We value the trust you place in us with the communication of sensitive information. We abide by the industry standards of confidentiality and ethics.


We spend time understanding your goals so we can create efficient workflows to finish projects on time and within budget. 

Our Latest projects

Here is some of our work

industry expertise

We have a network of native translators who are subject matter experts in a number of industries. On an average, our translators have 5+ years of experience


Translation of product descriptions user reviews and website copy, multilingual keywords, branding and customer support

SEO, Advertising, Marketing

International keyword research, creation of culturally relevant content and localization of media, newsletters and presentations


Subtitling, voiceovers, dubbing, and transcription of eLearning and corporate training videos

Software and Applications

Translation and localization of content and graphics. Formatting and documentation of new functionality and layouts 


Translation of argeements, contracts, patents, trademarks, copywrites and licenses

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