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When it comes to business communications, proofreading is almost as important as content creation. Small errors can cause you to lose credibility and look unprofessional. Our professional proofreaders are language experts who can make sure that your communications are error-free in 70+ languages.







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DTP services

If you are translating a brochure, manual, presentation, patent, report or any document that has images or a fixed layout, you will require DTP services. When you translate content, the number of words, line spacing and paragraph formatting changes. The translated content needs to be formatted to maintain presentation and style across languages. 

Our in-house DTP teams can work on almost any type of file to extract text, localize images, manage fonts and style paragraphs to deliver the final document in any format required. 

All our work is carefully documented and the edited files are structured and stored as per industry standards to ensure that you can easily make changes at a later date.

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