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website localization

Localization is the process of adapting the text, functionality and appearance of a website for global markets.

Website localization often includes:

  • Translation of content by a subject matter expert who is also a native speaker
  • Transcreation or adaptation of slogans and tag-lines to resonate with the target audience
  • Multimedia localization of images, case studies, infographics and videos
  • Localization engineering to extract text for the translation process
  • Localization testing for functional and linguistic accuracy
  • Multilingual SEO to identify foreign language keywords and help customers find your website

Why localize your website?

We can help you adapt your video content so that it resonates with audiences around the world

Reach a Wider Audience

Of the 4 Bn global internet users, less than 25% are English speakers. Localizing your website helps you reach and retain new customers.

Grow Your Business

90% of web users won’t browse websites in a foreign language. Localizing your website is essential for global expansion and the benefits greatly outweight the costs

Establish Credability

A localized website enables you to accurately convey your vision and intent to all your stakeholders. It helps shape your brand and position yourself as an international company.

APP localization

App localization is the process of adapting the content, interface and functionality of a mobile application to a particular language and culture.

App localization requires native linguists who can understand the cultural nuances of language as well as technical experts who can extract content and adapt interfaces.

We can help you in every step- from text extraction and translation to linguistic testing and app store keyword research.

The numbers

Localizing your app opens it up to millions of potential new users. The App Store and Google Play are available in over 150 countries and users prefer to download apps in their native language.

App localization helps you:

  • Boost app store discoverability
  • Improve app rankings and customer retention
  • Enrich user experience
  • Multiply international app downloads and grow revenue
  • growth in global app downloads- 60%
  • Global App Revenue from Asia – 41%
  • Potential Increase in revenue per country – 26%
  • English Speaking Internet Users – 25%

How we can help

Our services so beyond just translations.


We translate your text to match content, tone and intent so that your message resonates with an international audience.


We localize your images, icons and videos so that they make sense to target customers across geographies

Market Research

With 150+ languages, it can be difficult to decide which ones to translate into. We help you choose the best markets for you websites and apps.

Keyword Research

We help with multilingual keyword research to help potential customers find your newly localized app.

Linguistic Testing

We proofread and test the app to guarantee that all language rules are followed and in-context linguistics are correct.


We maintain style guides and translation memory to ensure consistency across your website and apps

Our recent work

Here are some of our recent website and app localization projects

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