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We have a network of transcriptionists across the world to transcribe audio/video content in multiple languages to textual scripts.

We understand the nuances of language and the effect accents can have on speech- A dialogue between two Scotsmen will always be transcribed by a Scottish resident to ensure quality and accuracy.

Transcription for meetings or conferences can be done via video conferencing or phone. In-person transcriptionists are available in select cities.


Local Transcriptionists


Proofreading at Every Stage


100% Accuracy

subtitling and captioning


Our linguists will adapt the script into the target language to maintain tone, style and context.  We select translators who are subject matter experts and native speakers to ensure that the script resonates with local audiences  

Closed Captioning

Transcriptionists carefully listen to audio and note every tone, word and sound in the file. Closed captions are usually in the original language and are helpful for the hearing impaired and deaf  

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